The 28th year

Made it through the birthday weekend without falling, stumbling, or any bodily injury due to tall shoes. This in itself is a success as my equilibrium is shot.
With a little help I was able to polish off a carton of Paulette's macarons, a box of Sprinkles cupcakes, and several decadent meals. I'm also finally going to the Hollywood Bowl after living in Los Angeles for 5 years and missing out! And with fireworks! Really excited about making a picnic basket. Thinking old school home-style... like fried chicken, potato salad and pie. On the other hand, I did just become the owner of a vintage San Fran cookbook so anything can happen.
Sadly I was not able to decide on a sleeve for what I consider to be the best invention since the cell phone... 
The ipad2. I forgive all iPhone users who have snubbed me and my Blackberry in the past, the snubbing has been justified. 

All who wander are not lost.


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