Friday photo diary

{see the bees? look closer to the center}

End of the week in review including a balancing act of my laptop on a daily basis, Wang boots, my bureau dresser contents, which is home to a lady in waiting, gracefully displaying my favorite jewelry. The woman in the photo diary is my lovely girl Jackie, actress/model/muse (she's probably going to chide me when she reads this) but  I love her spirit and energy (see whiteboard of song and lyrics, inspired by she). And there's always delicious bites when she's around, since she loves the interesting foods as well.

A miniature of perfume giving to me by another dear friend, and the scent is divine. The mansion on the next block is near complete with the bearing and main framework. And I love Cj's hair, it's getting so long now. It's intriguing to walk by it every day and it's a bit further along than the previous moment. There was a buzzfest on the adjacent block and I've been concerned about the hive, being that our bees are becoming more and more precious in saving since they control the chain of life. Seriously, look it up. Anyway, someone came along and sprayed them down so they are no more of this earth. I kept wishing for a specialist to replace them elsewhere but of course, the tree fell and no one heard it. The bees die, but does anyone hear the silence?

My birthday is tomorrow. 28. 28. 

C'mon magic 28.


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