coffee shop window

borrowed from here since as you'll soon read below, the camera was just too darn heavy

  • a gorgeous brunette and a not-so-gorgeous guy at an outside table. I really like her earrings: large slivers of turquoise framed in gold.
  • she looks distressed and anxious. I guess I would be too if all I had to eat today was iced tea.
  • Oh wait, all I've had today is iced coffee and half a banana.
  • I wish I had brought my camera with me. 
  • a bald crosses the street... do bald men wear sunscreen on their heads? If not, then why don't we ever hear reports of cancer on the tops of people's heads?
  • I really wish I had a sandwich right now. Too bad all the money I have is the $12 in my pocket and I really want to use it to buy produce from the farmer's market tomorrow.
  • I am living the life of a starving artist. Literally.
  • At least I'm losing weight. And I have to admit, the only reason I went to that party the other night was because of the free food and drinks. Just kidding Jen, I really am glad I got to see you!
  • So although I'm aging forward, I'm mentally regressing to the mentality of an 18 yr. old high school boy. Free food? I'm so there.
  • the brunette keeps looking in the window. I can't decide if she's looking at someone in the coffee shop or checking out herself. I have hope that she's looking at someone in here. 
  • the same two girls have walked past the coffee shop at least 4 times. My thoughts on this: either they are looking for a place to lunch or they're tourist and badly lost.
  • They could have asked me. I know every place to eat within a 5 mile radius. 
  • Before I was a starving artist, I had a desk job and therefore spent 3 meals a day out in cafes. I was also a major foodie so I got restaurants in West Hollywood locked down tight.
  • I'm starting to feel a major body high. And I haven't smoked a thing, I swear.
  • cute girl in jeans and a blue mohawk. You go girl.
  • the two wandering girls are at it again. If I see them again, I'm going to stop them and ask them if they need directions. 
  • Oh thank god, they finally decided on Milk next door. They have amazing sandwiches and salads.
  • Sandwiches....
  • What! They're walking past again. That's it. I'm going home for my lunch.
  • Guess that's what leggy brunette and her boyfriend decided on too. 
  • Become your dream

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