spaces in time

Photo diary after a loooooong hiatus from Blogger due to a combination of vacationing, employment, and a general internal sense of lacking inspiration. But that's over now and I've once again rejoined the blogging society in hopes of reclaiming a sense of my sanity through photographic therapy. And retail therapy since we're on the subject of psychosis, mainly by the name of ChloĆ©, the french brand that has had hold of my heart since I turned 21 and became the proud owner of a platinum credit card. Thanks Mom for the early birthday present! Cue my big guilty yet grateful smile. I have a giveaway coming up in the next day or so... featuring goodies from Bliss Spa (Fat Girl Slim cream), luminance cellulite fighting lotion, and other hoards of goodies that only a woman can dream up in the best sense fathomable. Stay tuned. xx