In case you were needing some help

Yes, it's true. I will be turning another year older a week from today. I know! Honestly, I had forgotten my age up until a few months ago when a dear friend informed me that I was indeed the elder of us two. It was a crushing moment. Followed by 2 glasses of champagne (you know, to make up for that lost year).

Turning older is something that I've always enjoyed, truth be told. For me, the years have only gotten better. I got to drive, go to college, travel alone, live alone, make my own money, buy my own things, eat whatever I wanted, do brunch, sleep in (even though I still can't sleep past 8) and make my own rules. Plus, in school you don't get paid for all that hard work. As an adult, people go to jail for not ponying up the dough.
So yes, to me, being an adult is awesome. 

So in case you were needing some gift inspiration ;)

1. Tory Burch plastic aviators- I saw these in Palm Springs and wish I had bought them now since the vintage sunnies I've been wearing for the past year ended up cracking a week later. 
2. Elderflower liquor- my friend, the age informer, introduced me to this. Revolutionized brunch.
3. Victor & Rolf Flowerbomb- because the sweet scent is incredible but not edible. I don't like perfumes that remind me of bread bakeries
4. House of Harlow ring- I love chunky rings. My dad, the trendsetter, got me on them 10 yrs ago with a silver peridot ring
5. Classic beanie-  Cheryl sent me the coolest leopard hat last week, got me excited for winter season! This one is a great basic
6. a tower of macarons- I'm not even kidding. My favorite luxury dessert, hands down.

It's just a little after 11:00am and the neighborhood is finally waking up. Coffee and leashes in hand, most of them still in their jammies, their eyes shielded by Gucci's. Even the sun is just now waking up from the morning fog blanket. And I love it.

I can't imagine that life gets much better than this.


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  1. I love the aviators they're super cool. A nice change from Ray Bans.

    The Pink Monocle