Dressing down and up

::Aren't these cuffs inspiring? Okay maybe that's just me alone in an empty room talking but they are really making me want to hop on a plane back to Texas for a weekend. Soon-ish. After the heat subsides... 

::Texas isn't the only state that's been taking in an Indian summer, and not that I'm complaining at all but it's been really warm over here on the west side. Positives: extended tan. Negatives: keep on reading'. 

::Since most apartments in the WeHo area are older buildings, that means sans a/c. People usually take this a step further once I tell them this. What, you mean no window unit? But you've got central a/c right? 
Um, NO. But thanks for reminding me. 

::My wardrobe consists usually of a variation of photos 1 & 2 due to said statements. 

::Photo 3 is what I'm hoping to see more of this fall. Too bad job interviews aren't really forte in my line of work over here. I've even offered on numerous occasions to come in and meet people but industry folk live by the motto of time is money. So it's always "come in tomorrow around 10am-ish" (I kid you not, people live for beauty sleep ova here) or "we'll let you know". Wish me luck, momma's gotta stow some cash away for the winter months!

Live free or die hard.



  1. I adore that short suit with the pop of yellow. If you could pull if of anywhere for a job interview it would be LA. Happy to have found your blog.

  2. Yay! Happy you found it too :) Please follow me! xo