Mondays just got a little sweeter

LD Tuttle sandals & kooba bag

::Mondays haven't really been associated with the despairing notion of  oncoming drudgery since I quit taking on desk positions and I must say, it's pretty awesome only having to be concerned with whether or not my car is on the right side of the street cleaning sign. Who knows how long this good fortune will last though so here's hoping...
::To get the week started off in the right direction, we took in a double feature at the Grove with a friend of ours who also happens to be a horror fanatic (Just to be clear, CJ way moreso than I). Fright Night was pleasantly one of the better of remakes in this horrible trend of replication that has been escalating in cinema. 30 Minutes or Less was the chaser and tons of laughs- I have high hopes for Jesse E. that he'll be able to transition to older pieces without crashing and burning.
::That delicious looking concoction is an almond croissant from Bread Bar. I tell you, it's the best pastry I've ever eaten. The best. I just had to have one before heading to the movies or I wouldn't be able to focus. And the sandals I wore are unbelievably comfortable! At first glance they look a tad intimidating, what with the never-ending laces but oh my, they are so chic on. I found them at a steep discount at Creatures of Comfort on Melrose and thus far, I have yet to see another girl in them so that alone makes them all the more special. I really get a kick out of girls jabbing their boyfriends and pointing at my feet

Today is gonna be the day.


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