Jacket= Thumbs up. Sweaters= Undecided

Maybe sweaters just aren't my "thing". They always feel plain, bulky, and ill fitting. Which is why I normally shy away from them and stick to jackets, coats, scarves, and cute beanies to make up for the lack of that one winter season staple.

I know in an earlier post I thought I had found "the Seattle jacket" to get me through this winter's visit to the bf's home. But with the jacket taking FOREVER to arrive, I'm having second thoughts as a result of these:

Imagine Parka @ APART.COM
The leopard print peeks out and I love love the trimmed fur hood. The length covers part of the lower body which is a must when battling the cold AND misty Seattle rain.

The "Anywhere Jacket" in my book. JCREW never lets down.

I am a girl who is huge on invested pieces. For instance, the last JCREW coat I purchased was with me from my college freshman year until sometime last winter. Somehow, somewhere, I went out to shake a leg and the beloved peacoat did not return home with me.

It was a sad moment when I realized I was missing my coat of nine years last month. At a price of $250, it was the best coat I had owned at the time. The Italian leather boots I bought online for 75% off, also JCREW and freshman college year, were with me up until last year! 

So yes, I most certainly do not mind paying for what suits my needs best. Best hurry along, ASOS jacket, you might be taking a backseat if you don't come soon!

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