Fish Food

has to be the most delicious of all desserts. It's so good I can't even finish a whole sentence without stopping to take another bite. Chocolate yogurt, creamy caramel and tiny solid chocolate fishies?? 

Heaven in a pint. 

It's been an uncomfortably long time since I've blogged. Shame on me. On the upper hand, I've found 2 new jobs, one of which I was lucky enough to work with one of my friends, the other a documentary (I'm stretching it) and really just two enjoyable crews to work alongside. 

And oh my goodness this yogurt is amazing.... sidetracking ensues..

Has Adria taken any pictures lately? No. And why not? One, because my employment for this week has been nothing short of enjoyable and a pleasant surprise. Also that fall is here, and I do love this gorgeous orange-leaf weather. Halloween has come and gone, next up for bat is Thanksgiving. I'm trying (and going full throttle next week) to get CJ to commit to a trip somewhere. Or at least make plans to do something remotely comforting and family-ish. I miss you Mom and Dad! He's pushing for Saddle Ranch, which I love but under regular day circumstances. Last time we went there was right before we checked into Universal Horror Nights, which was AWESOME

We completed our zombie short, Take-Out, Click on the name and viola! Youtube. The best web "it thing" of the 21st century.

Time for Gossip Girl!!

Photos to come soon.

p.s. Halloween 2010 consisted of Vincent Price, Night of the Living Dead 2, and misc indie student shorts on Chiller Network. Thanks Time Warner, you made my Halloween (thumbs up)! And candy. Lots of candy <3

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