Ladyfox and the Speakeasy

Top by Nordstrom, Vintage Moschino tiger skirt

After wrapping out my first freelance job in ages, CJ surprised me with a night at First and Hope in downtown Los Angeles. I LOVED IT. 

The restaurant turned out to be a modern speakeasy with a heavy 1920's influence. i.e. Gorgeous lighting, tiny candlelit tables, crystal chandeliers, and a hostess dressed in a gorgeously fitted ice blue evening gown who led us through the restaurant and through the doors of a smaller dining area.  The bartenders here were impeccably dressed in starched white button downs and suspenders. The head waiter was dressed in a white jacket with tails. You get the idea. 

The reason we were there was to scope out a band by the name of Ladyfox. The sole woman and lead singer, Michelle, was tiny, blonde, and had a voice similar to Aretha Franklin. I kid not. Jazz inspired and with a touch of country and swing, she had the whole dining room moving. You could practically see the soul wafting through her body. 

We had a ball! I had white wine, a Pimms (an English country cocktail I didn't much care for), a Blackberry Cobbler (miniature fruits swimming in a concoction of champagne and wine), and my usual, a vodka soda. I had to drink for the both of us since there was actually a drink and food minimum per person and CJ had a physical audition the next afternoon. 

I can't wait to go back! By far one of my most favorite music and dining experiences in Los Angeles. I'm going to add a vintage black lace gown to my closet list, just for future occasions such as First and Hope.

Today is much more relaxed. Football, a cardio-busting workout, and some amazon.com book browsing have been the highlights. CJ left for his audition earlier... we'll see how it went :)

Things to do this month: redecorate kitchen and living rooms, a haircut, continue working out daily, and get into the soup cookbook!


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