Flea Marketing at the Rose Bowl


It was hot in Pasadena today! I woke up at 8 this morning, showered, made some lemon zinger tea, and headed out to the Rose Bowl for their once-a-month flea market extravaganza. I thought the paper thin skinny denim leggings and a light cotton shirt would be fitting for a day outside... as usual, I dressed without looking at the big picture.

Note to self for next time: Pack a sun hat, sunscreen, 2 bottles of water and an empty cross-body bag. 

We are in the middle of redecorating the kitchen. Our two colors are Chilled Lemonade for the walls and Celery Bunch for the trim and the back door. Picking colors is hard! I'm so afraid to make a definite decision and I have a nagging feeling that Celery Bunch is not quite it. So thus far, I'm only certain on the lemonade.

Here's what I saw today that made me smile:

Pasadena Finds

This guy looked so cool chilling there on the table. He might make it back to the house next time.
Loved this crystal/silver lamp. Imagining it with a leopard print shade
John Lennon aka the Walrus with his 2 Hippo friends
1930's tea cup set that I hope are still there next month
as soon as the kitchen is painted, I am coming back for these!
My heart skipped when I saw this collection
I love this set, and in mint condition. I love the red and green together
Beautiful beautiful old doorknobs!
A sewing scissor collection
I almost bought this too: Czech decanter and 2 cups for a nightcap
My only purchase for our kitchen. I think it rocks just right 

After our kitchen is painted I'll go out again and find the knick-knacks to pull the space together. This is my first ever big "house" project so I'm really unsure and nervous about making the right choices. I have my DOMINO book as my guide and my instincts are doing the rest. We'll see how painting goes tomorrow- it's gonna be a whole-day project that I'm looking forward to!

One more thing: I noticed that everything I took a photo of was vintage, lucite green, or silver. I've turned more into my mother than ever... I am an antique's girl <3


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