Sweet pickings

So many beautiful designs this season! Textures, colors, fabrics, and weight are on my mind with every browse. Last winter I went to Seattle and being from Texas, the only jacket I had appropriate enough for the weather was my work jacket from our traveling days. An oversized, stained brown and teal patched ski jacket...

Not gonna work it.

I am tres on top of my game this season, thankfully inspired by the lovely pieces from Fashion Week as well as by my willingness to explore outside my comfort zone.

So far, here's what I've got comin!

gorgeous black leggings
love the lace detail on my new Seattle jacket!
a subtle bell shape and slightly cinched waist

Skinny jeans have also been added and I'm hoping (HOPING!!!) that they work for me. I have the J Brand legging jeans and I've worn them to the point of vintage. Sadly they lose their shape after one wear, and maybe I'm being a little hard on myself but I really think they're much better for a 5'7 leggified babe.

On a lighter note, I'm getting my very first blowout tomorrow! I've been thinking about making an appointment since CJ gave me my gift of blowouts at drybar and tomorrow night is the perfect opportunity for blowout #1  (it's my sorority sissy's bday bash).

I'm going for the Southern Comfort. I've decided and I am beyond thrilled to discover that they have a HAPPY HOUR during blowouts!!!!


Will post pics of the 'do manana. 

I LOVE L.A. ! (because of the blowouts and more. Especially because I met my partner in crime, love you babe!)

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