black, white, and cloudy all over

Mike&Chris leather jacket//R13 jeans//Alexander Wang boots

I can't believe it's already the end of the week! A cloudy week that is, but one that's been filled with productivity. Now that I'm back to a packed schedule, I'm remembering how much I like being in the midst of constant wheel-turning. 

Super simple outfit I wore yesterday but all favorites: a hooded leather jacket (for the misty rain), a pair of slim jeans (to keep me away from crafty), and Wang boots (to remind me that I'm going to have to keep working hard if I'm going to buy the Liya pumps, should they ever be restocked). 

Looking forward to seeing what today has in store for me... hoping it includes tying loose ends, luck, and an extra hour of sleep!



  1. you have quite a way of picking out the simplest outfits that look absolutely fantastic!!!! much love girl xoxo

  2. Love this outfit, I'm thinking Luke Perry should be pulling up in his convertible porsche right about now :)

  3. This outfit makes me miss home...love your style!!