H&M top//Current/Elliott boyfriend jeans//Alexander Wang dakota boots

I am definitely getting every penny's worth of these jeans. They are unbelievable and have reached the top of my favorites list. There is however, a small part of me beginning to wish I had gotten them another size smaller as the slight ruching of the waist may become a problem as we edge closer to summer... which in that case, I am happy to ruch away. I actually wore a Veda leather jacket over this since the sun has decided to take a hiatus from us for a while. I'm rather enjoying it to be honest- any excuse to wear leather and have additional time to stomp around in boots is fine by me. 

Anyone notice the tiny little birds on my top? H&M has some very cute things right now! (When do they not?) In fact, I'm hoping to maybe get a hold of the this top from their Fashion Against Aids collection

I had an interesting/exciting/hopeful meeting today, by the way... hoping that if I play my cards right, the odds will turn in my favor. And by in my favor, I mean I will be the happiest, most grateful individual in all of California. 

We shall see!



  1. Great style! Love this Look on you, congrats on your meetings and fingers crossed!!!! xoxo

  2. you brings the sun out on a gloomy looking day!

  3. love Love Love the pose in the second pic!!!

  4. Good things to come I'm sure of it!! -C