LATELY: 90's grunge

Cheap tee + Ksubi shorts
from Evil Twin's fall/12 lookbook
via Stockholm Streetstyle
via WhoWhatWear

It's true. Grunge has returned, although for some of us, it's never left. It's fun listening to native Seattlites poke fun at the rest of us who so eagerly embrace the return of distressed denim and threadbare tees layered under insanely expensive gourmet flannels. Luckily as you can see from photo #1 that I only take it as far as black cutoffs and $5 H&M tees in effort to not be linked as a poser. However, I am sincerely wishing in the present moment that I had kept at least one pair of Doc boots, preferably the 18 hole black combats. In case you're in my boat or are feeling too warm for combat boots, chunky platforms and beige vests so warmly bring back memories of YM and Seventeen editorials. God, the 90's were so awesome.


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