LATELY: open knit + acne sandals

Lo and behold, Acne. After months of searching, my ideal spring shoe has made it onto the shoe rack. Seriously, I think I may have very well found the most perfect sandals ever. Buttery leather and red plastic straps with a single button closure. Strange combo, I know, but somehow it just makes for a fantastic summer edge. Hmm, Twizzler bound feet- it's real and happening. Paired them with an old Express skirt from years ago, a vintage Coach bag, and one of the my all time favorite sweaters. 

Oh yes, I loped off a bit more hair this time around at Eddy James yesterday. Tracey is unbelievably talented with a pair of scissors and always knows what I'm saying even when I don't. Our conversation is littered with bits of "maybe a bit more" mixed in with "I was thinking that too..." which always makes for a perfect look in the end. I love it when a plan comes together like that. 


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