LAST NIGHT: alice + olivia spring denim launch party

Lids and lips by MakeUp Forever
Candy by Dylan Lauren (RL's daughter)

Outfitted with an array of stretch denim in spring colors, fruit-gum striped tops, and candy colored prints, Alice + Olivia presented a candy-infused evening complete with a manicure setup, Chakra readings, and a chance to get yourself done up by MakeUp Forever. 

As I wandered around with another fellow blogger, Lara of WHITS, I realized that the way I dress could be characterized as a Texan (explains the large amounts of denim and boots) who lived in New York (lots of black and grey), only to escape to the sunny coast of California (anything else). My closet palette is made up mostly of neutral colors, and items of color only make it onto my body a small percentage of the time and they are usually some sort of animal print. Strange as it may seem to think that color lacking is a big deal, it kinda is when you live in a city that thrives on colorful peacocks and outlandish exteriors. Plus, the way you dress is a direct reflection of how you feel. I loved how the sweet girls at A+O were outfitted in white, pink, neon, and even had their eyelids swiped with teal and orange. They were so willing to help coax me away from another black sweater purchase and I welcomed the opportunity to try on several pair of their super soft stretch denim. Outcome: There is most certainly a pair of yellow flared pants that may be making their way into my closet for summer as well as a necklace or two. 

Proof of my color phobia en route to A+O 

Of course, I ended up loving my mini makeover so much it was instinctive for me to buy the lipstick immediately... Kind of a buffer until I can incorporate some added color into my wardrobe. 

In other news, looks like there's one more reason to be celebrating in bright hues- it's Easter weekend which means there's a whole lot of color floating around out there so grab hold and be inspired to spread your wings over the color wheel. 

Here's to making it a candy-colored weekend filled w chocolate eggs and jelly beans.


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