SPOTLIGHT: photographer protege Nimirri Firebrace

All photography by Nimirri Firebrace for Pedestrian TV

I've mentioned the name Nimirri before in a previous blog post and here I am again on a Thursday morning, struck again by her seemingly easy and most natural way of retracting vulnerability from her subjects. In this case, her subjects were none other than bloggers Rumi of FashionToast, Charmaine James of Heart and Bleeker, and Margaret Zhang of Shine by Three for the Australian fashion media outlet, Pedestrian TV's Miss BloggerShop
There is always so much emphasis on the model being shot, her body and face, and it's understandably so as her look has been created specifically for mass market appeal. But do most recognize that while being photogenic is a wayward haphazard of natural beauty, it's the eye of the photographer in which their true inner beauty is exposed? I always have to read an editorial twice- the first time to absorb the emotional space, a second time for the clothes and actual article.
A self-proclaimed wanderer and gypsy, Nimirri is not even 21 years old yet, and has traveled around the globe with her lover, her beloved camera, and brand spanking new baby (which she delivered via home birth). What can't she do? You can check out her blog here and Flickr account here

Much love to her on her journey!


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