It's exactly 7 days into 2012! I'm not sure if anyone even missed me forgoing posting something up on the 1st of the year but to be quite honest, the idea of wishing prosperity and cheering to new beginnings is just generic to me since I try to look at every day as an opportunity to think and do beyond the ordinary and mundane. Besides, schlepping an additional item through the airport was just a little beyond my capabilities this time around. 

 Luckily too, because LET ME TELL YA, getting up to Washington this New Years was an adventure. A delayed flight in LA leading to an overnight in SFO before finally landing a day and half later up north was only half of the travel anxiety. BUT, before I go any further with my senseless pandering, the photos above are basically how I chose to ring in this promising year (see? Sounds/looks totally cliche and generic). I'm almost bored with taking photos of Pike's Place so this time around I posted photos on a more personal level. Best parts of course were hanging out with family and catching up w friends but I'm not one to post smiling pictures of friends since serial murders are still out in numbers despite it not being the 70's anymore. Besides, that's what Facebook is for, and might I add, I still have not reactivated and probably won't ever. 

From a more materialistic standpoint, was beyond satisfied that I found a bakelite piece while browsing around at Le Frock. Yes! They had tons of bracelets on display but even those little things can cost a pretty penny so just as I was about to walk away, the salesgirl pointed out the single ring in the display. And it fit my size 5 finger perfectly. Cheese was sampled and sampled yet again at Beecher's Handmade Cheese before a half pound was purchased as well as one bottle of olive oil and balsamic each from a little shop whose name I can't recall now.. Clocks crafted from bicycle parts at Pike's, and still what I consider to be some of the best bouquets I've ever seen. Caught Young Adult at a crumbling but endearing old theatre in Ballard as well as some tasty vegan donuts from Mighty-O's shop off 55th. A note about my boots, which were catching looks from LAX and back: I bought them during a Black Friday sale on Gilt but didn't care for the way they looked zipped up. Too butch? Or maybe it was that the studs were a little overbearing. So folded down they went and I even sharpie'd out the size info on the inside flap. No, not steel toed, which I know is lame but for $35, whatever. They did me well in the Seattle weather. Caught a private Mothership rehearsal in the basement of the 2 story house that now houses 3 of the 4 members. They are my inspiration that comfort and purpose should always come first in fashion. Not that these guys would call themselves fashionable... they might even be offended by it. The Mothership will be a household name at some point this decade. Just remember that you heard the name here first and download their album

I've been up since 3am, I suppose ready and thrilled to be back in my own space. That being said, cheers to personal endeavors!!


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  1. Really craving a French Toast Donut now!!!