The Birds

Was anyone else aware that the town of Monterey was the inspiration behind Hitchcock's The Birds? It makes so much sense now looking back on the serenity of the water and at the same time knowing that horror does best when it's least expected. So this picturesque town would be perfectly appropriate. There was one massive seagull (about the size of a small dog) in particular who didn't seem to care how close I got to him. I'm sure he might have even been used to tourists photographing him. 

Click click. 

Other sightings: a baby whale, a dead otter, and a sprinkling of sail boats. Nice town overall- would recommend it for LA locals looking to get a bit of fresh air and some awesome seafood. Esp. the calamari from The Sandbar. Incredible, people!

Headed out to the coast again, but this time the temperature will be docked about 30 degrees from the sunny delight currently happening in Los Angeles. And since it's almost New Years, I think we all know where I'm going..

See you next year in Seattle.


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