The roots

The question of how I came about the name for Slopes in Heels has prompted me to share this little story of how one snowy night in Chicago altered my perspective for the better.

The crew and I were nearing the last leg of a 6 month long journey across the U.S. and after having been stationed in various small towns with limited resources at our disposal, we had reached the thresh hold of this somewhat foreign minimalist lifestyle. A double edged sword, the next city en route to wrapping out the season was 10 days in the Windy City, which everyone had been looking forward to for weeks. I say double edged sword because it was the beginning of one of the harshest winters Chicago had seen in a while, and our production schedule did not waiver on account of ice and frost. 

I arrived with CJ two days before the rest of the filming crew, with the exception of two Associate Producers and the four of us ventured out into the Chicago night seeking a particular jazz bar we had been told was the best original jazz bar in the city. And it was. Needless to say, one jazz club followed another and it wasn't very long before I realized that flat boots would have been more appropriate for trekking across the seemingly endless and chilling city blocks than suede peep toe pumps. It was at this point in time that I had stopped chatting and was primarily focused on the ground below me, which happened to me an extremely long and sloping sidewalk of cracked and crumbling proportions. One foot in the front of the other, I repeated silently to myself. Falling now into the ground would be an embarrassing disaster, not to mention my tights would be ruined. As a person who thrives on interpersonal dialogue and visuals, it was then that I started to think of how appropriate a photo of my awkwardness would be with it's own caption, that caption being "Idiot Los Angeles Woman Falls and Kills Self While Walking on Icy Slopes in Heels". Cj would be left on his own to find a suit for the funeral. He'd probably wear black leather Chucks instead of dress shoes. 

And there you have it, the roots to Slopes in Heels, the underlying intent being that we all navigate through our lives somewhat precariously, always balancing acts of life on things we love and desire with a mixture of uncertainty and determination. It's not an easy thing, walking on a slope in high heels but without doing so life experiences would cease to be so enriched and appreciated. 

That being said, it's the weekend so do something out of the ordinary and then tell me about it ;)

"I'd rather see the world from a different point of view."


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