Linger on, Indian summer but I'm still going to wear wool

What Goes Around Comes Around plaid & wool vest, vintage belt, anonymous dress, H&M sunnies

Summer is hanging onto California for as long as it possibly can but honestly, I don't care. I'm over it. I'm wearing a wool plaid vest because it rocks and I simply am tired of waiting. At least the leaves are changing!
Thoroughly enjoyed my day today, a perfect beginning to a good weekend following a week of 14 hour days. Yes, 14 hours. A day. I know...
Has anyone seen Dream House with Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz? We realized at the ticket kiosk that we were about to drop $25 on a PG-13 horror movie,  and after a full minute of hemming and hawing, scrolling through the rest of the movie options, we decided to take the leap anyway in the spirit of CJ's favorite month.
Worth it. Great plot twists, characters, and yes! Finally a movie where Daniel Craig plays a non-espinoge character and shows emotional development! Still did the obligatory shirtless scenes but I'm not complaining. Good movie to start the October month off. 
I love this new LowLuv ring I found on Gilt. I tend to shy away from crazy loud jewelry but love love statement pieces that are somehow still subtle. Oxymoron, yes. Boring, no. The pearl necklace I'm wearing was a gift from my mom who bought it from a friend of a friend who makes one of a kind jewelry. 90% of the jewelry I wear is from that lady. Back to LowLuv: you can shop more of the collection here.  The awesome plaid vest is from the Fred Segal sale, which happens to be 75% starting tomorrow so I suggest you make time in your busy schedule to drop by, even just for a quick browse. I missed the vest the first go around but I always make sure to make several rounds on a sale before leaving since clothes are always lingering in the dressing rooms. The cream eyelet dress is actually one of the first and only dresses I've ever bought from a Melrose chain store. I don't even think the boutique is there anymore now that I'm thinking about it.
What's everyone looking forward to most this fall season? CJ's already making mental lists of desserts and counting down the days until Halloween Horror Nights while I'm scanning boots and sweaters online non stop. Still haven't found anything that makes me audibly gasp without breaking the bank. Feel free to share your seasonal plans/recipes/shopping/favorites here!

I'm lost for a quote for this post. Any suggestions??


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