West Hollywood Does FASHION NIGHT OUT


fred segal

sky bar fno after party

vivienne westwood

West Hollywood's FNO... by far the best event this year. Beginning the evening early at Satine was an excellent move on my part. Beautiful girls in inspiring garb, each with her own touch and personalized style of current trends. Miniature cupcakes, cocktails courtesy of Voli/Live Loyal PR, and photos of dream closet picks made Satine's FNO one to add to next year's calendar. More photos here.
A quick dip into Fred Segal's packed house was worth the pushing crowds, even if it was just for the cake pops and a swig of Pacifico just for the look on this guy's face. 
We actually ended the night at Sky Bar but couldn't resist smacking the pool photos right in the middle of the post. The new friends I made decided to go swimming (after removing all leather clothing and shoes of course). Overheard: "Phones are dying right now, phones are so dying right now!" As I snap away, I calmly reply, "of course they're not, I have them in my bag. Duh." Best part of the night for sure.
Before then however, it was Vivienne Westwood, whose signature style sparkled inside just as much as her fluorescent exterior and the menswear slim buckled boots that had me staring- any idea if they make them in women's sizes? Hooved cabinet displays and a magnanimous chandelier that would have my boyfriend standing in slack jaw mode made this party another favorite of the night. Also proud of myself for resisting the wheel of cheese on parade and sticking to sipping my cup. 
Great thanks to all the lovely photographers and guests who were so sweet to chat and let me take photos!  

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