It's true. Intelligentsia Coffee brews the best latte in L.A. Usually my trips to Silver Lake are for wine and cheese dates but after last night's 5 hour dinner, Starbucks wasn't going to cut it today. I wore another handmedown from a friend... a purple, blue and white onesie and layered a shredded sweater over it. What begins as a chilled morning keeps turning into full on beach-appropriate weather. Sweater was cast aside shortly thereafter.
We ended up wandering around for a bit and wound up in an Army outfit shop. They had everything in there. Suspenders and camouflage tighties to full on combat gear and sleeping bags... basically everything but the rifles. Decided that this was going to be one to write down on the list for props and awesome outerwear. They also have a switchblade in there that I was eyeing... seems it would more effective than my pink pepper spray. 

And though the news was rather sad, well I just had to laugh.


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