Plaid & leather

Temperatures in L.A. are still nowhere near a full blown fall but we can all feel it coming in the air. In keeping up with Cj's thirst for thrillers, watched Katie Holmes and Guy Pierce in Don't Be Afraid of the Dark. Obviously I was a bit more freaked out by it than Cj but then again, my childhood movies were Rainbow Brite and The Care Bears Movie, as opposed to horror drive-ins. Speaking of which, we have plans for a new project to be released closer to the holidays... muuhahahaha.
Wearing an old cotton plaid shirt from a close friend of mine, Geren Ford leather skirt, and the most comfortable Alexander Wang boots. Heading out to a friend's house for dinner tonight, really excited to taste some homemade cooking, have some good conversation, and drink a bit of wine. 
Wishing everyone a safe and relaxing Labor Day weekend...

Dissatisfaction and discouragement are not caused by the absence of things but the absence of vision.


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