Business sense

Fitting, isn't it. 

Blogging from the MacBook Pro today as CJ has declared himself crossword puzzle extraordinaire on the iPad. I designed these business cards a while back and had put off ordering them until finally I reached a point of realization... typing my phone number into people's iPhones felt a bit too close to like getting picked up in a bar and since I'm still getting used to the touchpad, it would take me a good 5 minutes to get it all in there and sorted. So in the interest of professionalism, I designed the card so that everyone knows just exactly how I feel about myself. Like I said, keep it classy folks.
  Taste of Ink did an amazing job, and I'm very happy with the blind embossing. Blind people need to be able to read it as well! Since my "career" as of late has mostly consisted of traveling for a living and keeping the crew from tearing out their hair and smashing cameras, why not put that I rock at doing so on a card? There's something very liberating and empowering about being the glue that keeps everyone all together. 
I've been thinking about careers again and I can't even begin to say how much I envy those of you who know what you want to do with your time and love it. Even if it was something that you believed to be ordinary, you loving it makes it extraordinary. I suppose I'll keep trying on hats until the right one fits.

You see us as you want to see us... In the simplest terms, in the most convenient of definitions. 


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