2011 fall wardrobe inspirations

fur coats and oversized collars. 
Obsessing slightly over emphasized trench coat collars

 In my eyes, these Marni platforms are girlish perfection. 


the "just right" structured bag.

wrap bracelets & watches.

Summer is hanging on for as long as possible but it hasn't stopped the fashion world from pushing forward into fall. There are so many beautiful looks from the fashion houses this season that online browsing usually ends with my head spinning in several different directions. Really glad that I already have my oversized mammoth of a coat with a faux fur collar that I've had since high school. It's really long though is the only problem so I guess I'll just have to wear tall lace-up boots. Yay!

shop: outerwear.

On that note, I've been obsessively thinking about what outerwear was going to be my staple this season and it's a toss up between:

1. oversized coat: Theysken's Theory
2. cape - Rag & Bone
3. twist on a classic trench- Theysken's Theory

I would be quite happy with any of them but when investing in outerwear, longevity is what matters most. Last year my investment piece was a fitted black leather Veda jacket and it's still my most favorite jacket I own. It's taken me a while to learn what looks better shrunken vs. oversized and my conclusion is this: leather jackets always look better tiny as opposed to peacoats and overcoats, which should be worn at least 2 sizes up. Needless to say, I'm leaning towards the trench coat since it's a twist on a classic. Hoping I'll have made up my mind by this weekend. 

shop: boots.

The obsessing over fall fashion doesn't stop there. I've been watching everywhere for short boots. Not just any boot. The heel is very important, as it can in no way be uncomfortable or scary. It's got to have a certain country vibe, but not Navajo, since that's much too trendy. I'm kicking myself because I had purchased item #1 at 60% off but then cancelled my order because they're notorious for running small and the next size up was unavailable. Wish I would have had a little more faith and tried them on since you can always return. Kicking myself. Hard.

Another lessoned learned is never, EVER buy retail. If you simply must own something since it's been on your mind for 6 months and you've got the cash, I will not judge. Otherwise, don't do it. It's heartbreaking seeing retailed items marked down half off and knowing you should have waited. Ugh.

So that leaves me with one item left, which I consider to be the best of them all.

Proenza Schouler PS 11

I have dreams about this bag. Dreams in the way that some women might dream about their ideal wedding or how guys dream about their Fantasy Football draft. 
It's borderline obsessive and even though I feel that term is grossly overused, and sometimes I despise Rachel Zoe for starting the craze, I can't help but splatter that word all over this post. 
It. is. perfect.

Whew! Yes, fall has officially commenced. 

A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.


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