Vegas always looks better in black & white

Monday through Thursday was spent on the Vegas Strip for Cj and our bff Chelsea's annual "Birthday in Vegas" vacation. I believe that visiting Las Vegas at least once a summer does a family of friends good: you eat, you drink, you tan, you walk... basically the essentials of American vacationing but without having to worry too much about looking stunning every moment since, well, let's be honest- who looks hot after a day in the heat and a long night of cocktails? We were walking down Vegas Boulevard, slightly melting, on Thursday afternoon before catching a plane back to L.A. and I mused how much more suave Las Vegas must have been back in the days of Sinatra and the Rat Pack. 

"I'm gonna live til I die"

Mmm Vegas. Book it people, it's totally an American must. It's cheap, quick, and easy ;)
(really, it is)

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