Born in America(na)

1. Courtesy of PutteredThoughts

Regardless of what decisions American political leaders, past and present, have made or must make in the future, none of it has ever been for naught (possible exception: Vietnam). 
Regardless of what others may think of our country, I am proud to be a civilian of the greatest country in the world. (Yes, I said it and I'll say it again: THE GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD) - if you disagree, please, I encourage you to find such justice and freedom elsewhere.
Aside from the novelties of being an American, in no other country do I have as much pleasure and freedom in being a woman. 

Long live the land of the free & the home of the brave. And *God bless America. 
(Yep, I said it. GOD.)

*"God" referring to my own personal rendition of what I believe God to be: essentially a spirit/ force of nature whose existence is greater than any human mind can by comprehend and by which "miracles", cosmic discoveries, extraterrestrial life, and all knowledge beyond mortality continue to be. 

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