Things making me say hey


I've finally returned home after being gone since July 5th. That's a stretch of time, folks. Collection of photos making me excited and happy to be back home and try some new and much anticipated things, among them a new Helmut Lang tuxedo jacket, Wang boots, fresh flowers for the living room, and new salad recipes. 

Plus, my birthday is coming up in 2 weeks! There's something very definitive about turning 28. Perhaps because it's a solid "late 20's" number and from there, the first decade of transition away from mental and physical adolescence. Time to start taking even more care with myself- thinking of doing my first alpha-beta peel this fall, switching up the exercise, investing in softening facial oils & Kiehl's facial sunscreen and adding more vegetables to my diet. It's all very exciting, going deeper and closer into the next phase of my life. It's something I'm going to face openly and with gumption! 

Cheers to living with intention!



  1. I really really like the styling in the first photo! Birthdays always scare me a bit and make think about switching up my hectic life style. I'm terrified that I'll wake up one day overweight and wrinkly all due to things I could have avoided (such as wearing sunscreen, having a healthier diet and exercising more). Starting on August first I'm kicking my butt into action and starting a one month detox diet (wish me luck). Hopefully I'll go through with it and not disappoint myself. Can't wait to see you're new purchases!

    The Pink Monocle

  2. I hope your first day went well!! Did you know that today is the start of the final month of summer? Well, I guess it's pretty obvious, so nevermind! So glad to have you as a reader and just about my sole commenter haha! xo