Cut it out!

Barney's CO-OP Woven Combat boot
Barney's CO-OP Cut out Ankle boot

Balenciaga Cut-out boot

Alexander Wang Lace-up bootie

Cut-out, laced-up, or woven- the return of the combat boot has returned. Anyone else out there collect Doc Marten's by the dozen back in the 90's? Oh good, I'm not alone in that shame face. I had good reason to, living in the Texas heat and all to want to strap 10 lbs of steel toed leather to my feet. At least the styles that are awaiting for fall are lightened with a fresh sense of femininity and airiness. 
If you've got the need to burn through your hard-earned cash, Balenciaga is the choice of FRG's (NYC's fashion show "front row girls). Otherwise, Barney's CO-OP styles are on sale at Barney's but the days are numbered. In any and all cases, however, personal style and preference is crucial. It's difficult sometimes to separate self preference from trends when every second something new explodes in blogger land and on the street. I myself am thinking that a hiatus is due soon... 

Weekend horoscope: Do something new this weekend.


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