Palm Springs Photo Diary

Palm Springs is HOT. In every possible way. How amazing is this home? It's one of the high price point locations for this week's shoot. It took quite a bit for all of us to restrain ourselves from jumping in the saltwater pool while shooting exterior jib shots. Have you ever tried maneuvering one of those things in the dry heat? EXHAUSTING. Even in the shade, the desert heat finds you. JBrand cut offs, the thinnest tank tops I own, a Texas baseball cap, and Chucks have been my uniform for work. 
Other activities this week have included the new (and sadly, final) Harry Potter movie, tons of ice cream and fro-yo, and discovering new ways to tie up my hippie hair.

Looking forward to Thursday's day off. Planning on laying out, a margarita, a trip to the salon, and lots of swimming!


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