Things I've learned about myself lately

  • fashion will always come and go, true style is what really matters. Ever.
  • the best way to look great in old clothes is to be fit.
  • confidence is key in any situation
  • fake it till you make it.
  • No matter how hard I try, I am, by nature, a flats/boots/wedges girl. My heart races at the thought of strapping on stilettos. Carrie Bradshaw and I will have to think of other things to talk about. *sigh*
  • as much as I love the idea of cropped hair, I haven't the patience, money, or care enough to make it happen. Again. (Yes, I've had a pixie cut before. Not so pretty when you're 20 lbs heavier. Not. Pretty.)
  • fear of personal failure is my greatest foe. I'm in constant awe of everyone around me being able to champion over it but myself.
  • I wish the need to DO something burned inside me: to draw, write, play music. Once one fire ignites, it's only a matter of time before something else outshines it or it diminishes to a fading flicker. 
  • I'm beginning to sense that this is a pity letter to myself, but rest assure, I save that stuff for the sap journal.
  • the best way to see the world is to get paid for it. 
  • to ensure that this happens for me, I've decided to master one language at a time. Decidido para empezar con Espanol entonces Italiano. Ellos similar, no?
  • someday I will realize that no one ever has it figured out.
  • I take solace in knowing that we are all just flecks of light in the space time continuum. 
  • I wonder what's next?
  • Bloggers I admire: The Man Repeller for her brilliance and guts, fashiontoast for her ability to make a garbage sack look like couture, and The Sartorialist for capturing the ordinary and showing us that it is actually extraordinary. 
  • no matter what happens, everything will work out in the end. It always has.  


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  1. it always does work out in the end, doesn't it? :)


    I'm always ready to see the world, and while getting paid, well,,,,:))))