The Fat Dog

The Fat Dog, Fairfax's latest gastrointestinal newcomer, sits side by side with Coffee Commissary Coffee House in West Hollywood. Indoors vs. outdoors- stay inside unless you've got a sun shaded table. Spiced olive oil drenched toast almonds and a tall milk-bottled ice water carafe keep the geometrically inspired tables company while one waits for a delightful sandwich from their new salmon and beef heavy menu. Vegetarians worry not- there are options, but as this is a modernized pub, the pickings are slim. 9-5'ers will be happy to have a pub serving up Happy Hour with pickings such as potato skins, sweet potato fries, and swedish meatballs. The Fat Dog even has a cocktail menu inspired by our 4-legged friends: Chocolate Labtini, French Bulldog Kiss, and the Key Lime "Pug" to name a few.

What could have been a delightful lunch quickly turned sour when the owner barked (no pun intended) at the photography, most likely suspicious that a food critic or bad press might be lurking. We opted for take-away afterwards, and I recommend fellow customers do the same. Otherwise, they'll get a more than they can chew- so faux pas!

The Fat Dog
801 North Fairfax Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90046

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