Wandering up Beachwood

H&M sunnies, joie linen top

After a long relaxing weekend of champagne, chocolate eggs, pedicures, and dining with good friends, I feel pretty fantastic emotionally, but pretty thick in the waistline. Solution? Driving up Beachwood Canyon on a search to unveil a super secretive path that is rumored to lead hikers directly to the Hollywood sign. After one rustic trail and several dead ends, we got pretty close but not near close enough. Snapped some pics of gorgeous horses, lovely skies, and called it a day with some Pinkberry (which Cj is boycotting now, something about Pinkberry falsifying their new slogan of unlimited toppings). Whatever, I'm happy to re-introduce Yogurtland to my summer diet. The key with Yogurtland is to get to the place early in the day before the masses- otherwise, drippy Vanilla fro-yo and some sad, unattended gummy bears are the only goodies left for the picking. I decided to post a fish-lips photo in honor of all of the beautiful girls out there who believe these ridiculous pouts look sexy. I hope this photo discourages them from continuing their delusional charade.


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