Gray shades

Anytime we make a trip to Seattle, the weather transitions to the polar opposite. Needless to say though when we returned, the sunshine stayed in Seattle and we've had a few overcast days here in Los Angeles. I don't mind it one bit though, since I'm by nature a boots and leggings kind of girl but Cj despises it. Which makes him being sick this week easier to cope with since he wouldn't be going out anyhow.

An attempt to venture out and see a movie was short-lived, which I figured might turn out to be the case, so I threw this on. 

{scarf by Chelsea, Target hoodie, JBrand paint washed denim shorts, dkny leggings, Coclico boots}

A short stop at the grocery store has solidified my plans for the next hour: baking cookies and watching Man vs. Wild. I just saw Bear Grylls scarf down a raw saltwater mussel... "Sand and saltwater. Goo", he says.

Off to bake cookies!


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