Friday inspiration

  • Finding the right bookcase for the living room is proving to be a challenge
  • I'm going to organize our 2011 year in accordion file binders, then color code then in the yet-to-be-found bookcase
  • the Cliff Hanger acai bowl I ate this morning from LiquidJuice Bar was positively, radiantly delicious. I love anything that has granola listed as an ingredient. Now stuffed like a pimento olive
  • The bf's gym closed today after filing bankruptcy without notifying it's members or staff. What a terrible way to the start the weekend!
  • giddy still over the free PPV certificates I have yet to use. Suggestions?
  • I start my reformer pilates classes tomorrow. Nervous, but more excited than anything else. The soreness will be welcomed like an old friend
  • Grateful that the headache, or should I say cranial torture, I had with me all day yesterday has subsided. Caffeine and sugar are slowly becoming a thing of the past. SLOWLY.
  • I'm proud of myself for turning down the square of buttermilk biscuit chocolate last night but failed to do the same to the block of rosemary fontina cheese. 
  • Cat on a Hot Tin Roof was the movie of the night yesterday and I am finally coming around to realizing the stunning beauty of Elizabeth Taylor - RIP. 
  • Feeling inspired by the minimal scenes and single location from Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and may be switching gears a little in the script presently sitting on my desktop.
  • Procuring a VitaMix blender is now on my kitchen "to-buy" list on the fridge. 
  • A lot of my blog postings are food and lifestyle photography, but very little on clothing. 
  • A new goal is to make every 3rd posting fashion-related. 
  • As uncomfortable as I am in front of the camera, I think this exercise will grant the bf and myself artistic benefits. 
  • The gloomy weather outside only inspires me to clean up around the house more. Kitchen: check. Living room: check. To do: bedroom.
  • All You Need Is Love
Happy Friday!

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