super bowl sunday 2011

Sure, my team isn't in the Super Bowl this year and I really have NO desire to see the Steelers take home any rings but I'll be attending a party anyway. Just because. I'm really sad that my other half will be away working but seeing that I'll be surrounded by Texas natives, I think I can make it through one Super Bowl sans bf.

Recipes on the drawing board? So far, this is piquing my interest:

Borrowed from Bella Online
The last batch of queso dip I made was when the Longhorns were still in the play offs. And I had used Velveeta, which I'm not sure if anyone else is aware of this, but starts to taste like saw dust chalk cheese after the age of 10. So no Velveeta. Ever again.

For the sweet tooth, I'm thinking something like this...

Gingerbread Brownies by delish
I was even thinking about going back a few blogs ago and making this croissant stuffed ham and swiss finger sandwich but then I know I won't share with anyone else. SO. That brings me back to the ever popular queso dip and brownies with a twist.

Anyone have knock out recipes they're planning on dishing to the parties?

Thanks for reading peeps!


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