Claritin, naps, and Saturday night take-out

I was hit Monday mid-day with a sneezing fit which I thought was just attributed to inhaling a dust bunny by accident while sprucing up the bedroom.


Assumed allergies turned into a full blown sinus fit by Thursday evening.

I was an adult about the situation and bowed out of my martini party invite and instead downed a shot of Nyquil and went to bed. Cj's been taking care of me since then (lucky girl!). Yesterday consisted of mostly sleep, more medicine, some TV, a script reading, then back to bed.

Today was a bit more progressive. We ventured out for an hour to The Grove (where I got some delicious olives from Monsieur Marcel) and Cj bought me a new granite slate cheese slicer and cooling cookie rack from Crate & Barrel. (yay!)

I must say, somehow standing up and moving around clears my sinus cavities. Lying down or sitting down= negative. So I've been getting up every 15 minutes to wash the dishes, or blow my nose rather than bring the toilet paper to me here on the couch, and sneaking extra bites of Cj's prepared no-bake Jello cheesecake. (no more of that for me tonight...) I had some pretty tasty garlic Pad Thai from this amazing little place down the street, Kamin Thai but sad to say I could only taste every other bite since really, you can't taste much without having your sense of smell. Which is maybe why I love food so much, because I have a crazy sensor up in this schnoze.

yay for living in a city where pad thai is literally 3 blocks away.
first time ever tasting No Bake Cheesecake. quite delicious for being a packaged, powered food.

Aside from being sick, there a quite a few things I'm looking forward to once I feel back to normal. Like:

1. insanity work out wk #3
2. giving myself a mani
3. reading more scripts for Blue Cat
4. grocery shopping at the farmers market
5. going to the movies with Cj
6. walking around in public and not feeling like a melting cheese sculpture
7. making homemade pizza
8. runyon walks
9. a trip to Marshall's for cookie baking sheets, a lemon zester, and candles
10. taking a day for photography

here's hoping I'll be back to normal by tomorrow. because i hate HATE being immobile...

happy saturday night peeps!


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