3rd and Fairfax

the grove l.a.

Photos of some things I liked about today (the movie we actually saw was The Dilemma but the True Grit title looked awesome on the marquee).

After the movie I was starving so after roaming in the farmer's market for 5 minutes, I decided on the Sicilian panini and side salad (turkey w pesto, swiss, and tomato... mmmmmmmmm) from the French Crepe place.

I am very much a proud fan of just about any type of nut butter, but here are my 2 favorites.

Love love the lighting design in Anthropologie (must recreate somehow in the living room) and as for the measuring cup set masked as a deer mast, well, that little guy is now sittin' pretty on our kitchen isle.

The white faux fur coat was 70% off at Zara and yes, quite lovely in it's monstrosity. but on me, if I dare call myself petite, was overwhelming on my frame... if only I was a damn supermodel!

The fountain never fails to make me smile. I think part of it might have to do with it being sync'd to Sinatra...

Cheers to a pleasant friday early evening indeed!


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