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fur and soft neutrals in the bedroom... I can't get enough of the throw and the matching rugs. Very similar to what's currently going on in our own bedroom. I'll be returning to this photograph for further design inspiration

We are still in the midst of a tapering winter but still, I cannot wait until the warmth and colors of spring. Feeling very inspired by these little tidbits..

The colors in this blackberry gelato are stunning: Scorcese red, velvety blacks, and the perfect grape punch tone. I also love the melon but unfortunately, my skin will need to be much richer and darker to compliment that lovely shade

I have noticed that when I wear this particular cropped tee, I always reach for my one long-strand staple: a gold chain that reaches to my ribcage, weighted with a cluster of grape-shaped pearls. It's the only necklace I find myself reaching for these days and so I must concur that the style has grown on me. Note to self for next time I'm at the Melrose Flea Market on Sunday.

These pieces ring a summer feel to me but detailed and unique enough for anyone needing an extra punch to the outfit

In my previous post, I noted the Mulberry Alexa bag. Now, I absolutely 100% believe in resale, discounts, and sample purchases. One thing I cannot abide by however, is an imitation. Perfectly suitable if made well for others, but for me, I cannot do it.

I am beginning to think, however much I do sincerely love the Mulberry Alexa, that perhaps I've been hesitant to purchase beyond reasons relating to it's design, which has everything I've been looking for: cross-body option, leather but not too heavy, roomy but not over stated, and subtle. It's the color. I have a beautiful black Kooba, a lovely taupe/grey Marc by Marc Jacobs, a gorgeously sexy peach Laundry, and several other patterned and textured bags but none, none, are the cross-body. That being said, the cross-body should be unique in it's own right. I've thought about purchasing the bag in a chocolate or latte, but still it doesn't seem quite right. But perhaps in these shades it would.

I call this, "Jerry Hall" red, after her famously red lips
Image borrowed from The Sartorialist
Image borrowed from The Sartorialist

Not only do I love the shade of red in the dapper wing-tipped shoes above, but I have come to adore the vintage style of the shoe. I recently came upon a pair during a visit to Wasteland, and honestly they are my favorite pair next to my Marni babydoll platforms. Photo to come soon.

Last but not least, I am in lust with this look below. From the Peter Pan collared blouse to her Miu Miu harlequin bag, she is divine. Refreshed, carefree, and most of all, completely at ease and in comfort.

Image once again borrowed from The Sartorialist

I do love a good pair of boots, Lord knows I do, but I find myself really, really looking forward to the spring. Warm sweet dreams all!

Images 1, 2, 3 borrowed from fashiontoast

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