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I love when you have a inkling about something and it's right. For instance, I was on my way out to the laundry room this afternoon and passed an over-sized Lowe's box sitting on the stoop of my neighbor across the way. Knowing that a Christmas package was coming our way but had not yet arrived, and the fact that my parents are faithful to the home-improvement conglomerate, I checked the shipping label and sure enough, our gifts from our Texas Christmas had made it to the Sunshine State.

We took great happiness in opening the box (Christmas Part 2!) and I hurried around the apartment in attempt to place the new toys as quickly as CJ was unwrapping them. "You're falling behind (nickname here) !"

The kitchen chandelier is not yet fully constructed with the crystals so I've been asked not to post the photos of the completed space just yet but, I think it's perfectly acceptable to post a few of the little treasures we now have added to the ever-growing loveliness of our home.

Vintage matchbooks from an antique shop in Fredricksburg, set in a 1950's lead crystal bowl. SO MUCH BETTER than using air freshener!

I am very much enjoying looking at these. The color matches our theme and the polka-dots are darling

A 60's styled magnetic timer goes great with vintage-themed postcards, not to mentions it's also a great fridge decoration

Punchy rubber strainers...
and one of my most-wanted, metal measuring cups and spoons. I even have the little guy measuring spoons: Dash! Pinch! Sprinkle!

Mmm olive oil and balsamic from Seattle and a little honey jar for fresh honey

It does not get any better than this vintage/mod wall clock!!

HAHA! I crack up when I think of how wide CJ's eyes went when he saw the little muffin book. I'm surprised the corners aren't turned inwards yet. Give it time ;)

Hoping the chandelier project will start soon! It's expensive revamping those spectacular lighting instruments and we're still recovering from the holidays. Thinking that February will be it's lucky month :)

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