Morning pairings

From someone who's home will never be without breakfast options, here are my favorites as of late:

p.s. all of which are extremely healthy and high on the yum factor

Great for drinking at night to ward off sweet cravings
for $1.50/bag, making homemade popcorn just tastes better for some reason... don't get it but I like it!
Yep, I'm into soy. Again.
Heavenly. Must try. Warning: will create desire to eat directly with spoon.
Blueberries are in season! Take advantage and top on cottage cheese or on oatmeal. Fruit in season is a must.

I've already downed the carrot juice (it's day #6 of insanity) and I'm pretty sure the next thing for breakfast will be cottage cheese and berries. 

Thanks for reading everyone and happy Saturday!