On my mind on Sunday morning, er, afternoon..

Vintage magazine covers
Handy cross-body bags in fun designs
Crushing hard on this lovely Mulberry Alexa bag from last season
Delicate macarons, especially the ones from Paulette... incredible little cookies!
Homemade tomato basil soup
with some of this delicious mouth-watering guys on the side...
And this for dessert... sounds like a perfect fall Sunday.
BUT, too bad none of the foodie options will be a reality until next month. I totaled the damage done after the month long holiday excursion and it was really scary how quickly my abs took to hiding underneath my old nemesis, belly fat. I've read that people with excessive belly fat have a higher mortality rate than those without... so since Friday I've been drinking tons of lemon water, and eating only tiny portions of fruit and vegetables twice a day. Don't worry, this is only to shrink my stomach back down to it's previous size and today is the last day (thank God!).

I'm not so easy off the hook though. Tomorrow I start back up again with Sean T and the Insanity. I've already got most of the foods in the fridge and whatever I'm lacking I'll just have to make due until a grocery trip is absolutely necessary. It's a 60 day program and I can't honestly say I've done the whole program at once.

Needless to say the aforementioned foodie pics are not on the list. But I plan on allowing myself a cheat meal every now and then and these are on the top of my list, all of which I plan on making myself with the exception of the macarons because, let's be honest, not only am I not qualified or feeling the need to dive into such an ambitious baking venture, but no one makes a cookie like Paulette.

Cheers to a new fitness goal! I can honestly say I'm not really feeling too excited about it but that's only because I have yet to feel the benefits. It made me feel like a million bucks before the holidays so I know that feeling will return after the initial 2 weeks are up.

Off to make myself a small lunch (salad and tuna with olive oil) and then busy myself with distractions. Happy Sunday to all <3

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