The Wall

"Mother, Should I Trust the Government?"

Roger Waters performing The Wall, November 30th in downtown Los Angeles, CA at the Staples Center. And I was there to see it. I still can't believe that after 40 years he is still performing. Actually, I can. The ocean of people there to see him was probably the most respectable group of fans I've ever seen. As soon as the lights went down, a couple that could have been my parents lit up a joint behind us. Pearls, tucked in shirts, and slacks... Pink Floyd and the music of Roger Waters and David Gilmore revolutionized not just the 60's generation, but mine too. And they are still influencing young musicians and fans to this day. 

They, after the Beatles, were the second band I learned about from my father. I still remember the day I asked him if he knew Pink, him reaching up and pulling out his old vinyls, all in mint condition, complete with a lyric sleeve and poster. I can smell the musty albums still. Thank you Dad, for teaching me about them. For buying my those first CD's, and passing on your love for music. Pink Floyd will surely live on forever. 

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