Christmas time in Hollywood

[Myself and Lily, the puggle]

Upon returning home from our week of puppy and kitty sitting for our friend, we decided it was time to jump back 100% into our creativity. So like all other pulsing night owls, we headed down to Insomnia for a midnight latte, some writing and reading, and CJ snapped some photos of the night air on the way.

I can't describe how wonderful it feels to be in this city. You can feel magic in the air, day and night, and there's something about knowing that you are surrounded by artists who are in this city for the very same reason you are that makes it feel anything but lonely. I imagine this is how New Yorkers feel about their island, even though I've been to NY several times now and am sorry to say it didn't hold that magic for me. Perhaps because my heart already belongs to Texas and my soul to Los Angeles. 

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