what I am most thankful for this year..

Even though I am far, far away from my loved ones and family this year, I am grateful nonetheless for everything I've seen and experienced in 2010. Among them are...

to have my best friend and partner in life move into my home and make it "ours".
to have this same person inspire me daily with his positive "can do, will do" attitude. He is a constant reminder that "we are the music makers, the dreamers of dreams".
my mother and father, who love me unconditionally and are always waiting with helping hands and words of inspiration.
my boyfriends' friends, who are now mine as well, who remind me that good friends are hard to find and worth nurturing.
patience is a virtue and a skill worth working on every. single. day.
knowing money cannot buy happiness, and there will never be enough of it until you are happy with what you have in your heart, soul, and mind.
life is short, but people will live their lives according to their own rules and beliefs. I believe that dreams are worth living for, and I am grateful to have had the nerve and strength to leave an unsatisfying job, even if it means living with less in our pockets.
knowing that my natural instinct to survive is still intact, and when people tell me I "cannot", it brings out my "do or die" mentality. 
my health. My eye sight and hearing will not be with me as I grow older, so I will spoil them both as much as possible in my youth.
that I was born with a pretty face, creative capacity, and a hearing deficiency. Without my hearing loss, I would not have fought for my education. Without a pretty face, my chances of being noticed would be lessened. And without my thirst for words and books, I would be ordinary. 

Some of these things are vain, some of them still skimming the top of superficiality. But it's all sincere. 

happy thanksgiving. 

thank you love, thank you life.

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