On my mind on Thursday evening...

- I really want/need a reading lamp. In a house with a dedicated reader/aspiring writer and songwriter, I have no lamp.
- I wish my eyes would stop watering. It's annoying only being able to go outside after dusk.
- white wine is delicious and always tastes like apples to me.
- I really shouldn't drink any more wine after this bottle until I go home next week.
- I can't wait to drink wine and watch old movies with my mom again. Will the bf will join us? 
- I'm glad my bf and my father are both musicians. I'm going to marry one just like my mom did.
- I'm glad my workouts are finally starting to show.
- I really appreciate the way C. Bushnell writes. One of my new goals may be to be inspired, but not aspire, to write in her style.
- I really do enjoy spending time alone in the house. 
- I'm grateful that I've always managed to entertain myself: be alone, but never lonely.
- I'm glad that I appreciate the finer things in life: a good wedge of cheese, specially bottled olive oil, lined clothing, well-made stockings. I love that CJ is like that too. 
- I'm glad that I went down the artistic road, life is too short
(a pause as she answers the door)
- that I LOVE surprises. Just received my gifted skirt from APART.

APART.COM: houndstooth ruffle skirt

- Isn't this skirt gorgeous? And it's a size 4. Yep, down one skirt size. Yay!
- My fitness goal is for my skinny jeans to fit like a pair of worn gloves by next Friday. Which means no sweets, wine, or coffee for me. No problemo! (after tonight, that is..)
- It's nice not waking up to an alarm clock, or a clock in general for that matter. After 2 years of 4-5am call times, I think I'm due. 
- I love my new kitchen. I want to post photos so badly, but CJ is making me wait until he finished the chandelier. Ah, the perfectionist. I love it. 
- I clean the bathroom floor every other day. The living room floor every day. And the kitchen floor twice a week. Yes, I love my home spic and span. 
- I love bread. Screw the extra 5 pounds. 
- I love that my bf purchased a vintage Ninendo, but doesn't become a couch potato like most other guys. He's always gotta be doing something. At this very moment he's in studio somewhere in NoHo (North Hollywood) jamming with his amp turned on max. 
- I think it's almost time for me to venture down to the 99 cent Store. I need dish liquid and a new scrubby brush. 
- I appreciate that CJ is so intuitive. He knows when I'm not right, and when I'm sad, or when there are dark clouds. He just knows. And he's so good about understanding and being comforting. He is amazing. 
- I love California. I love Texas. I am happy. 

Your turn! 


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