Monday morning

Cheers to Monday, a fresh new start to a new week!

Ugh, I've been eating so bad this past weekend. It all started with baking banana bread and it hasn't stopped since then: bread and cheese, shortbread cookies, trail mix, hot chocolate. I guess we are just munching on whatever's in the kitchen and greens are minimal.

This weekend was a good one, a trip to Malibu, lots of reading, some workouts. I'm going to workout as soon as I'm done with this post, I swear. Jobs are minimal, which has be kinda bummed but it can't rain all the time, right? Speaking of which, last night was a constant downpour so my clear was cold and clean this morning when I got up to move it across the street. Monday = street cleaning. BOO! Someday we will have our own driveway!

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  1. our picture taking is getting better and better...:)