and so this is christmas..

our christmas vacation has been a whirlwind since we landed in Texas on Saturday. 

and I've loved every minute of it. As soon as my parents picked us up, we headed straight to Smithville (tiny town outside of Austin) for a bbq lunch. I had two lunches that day (chopped bbq sandiwch w pickles, a sausage wrap, bag of Lays original potato chips). Saturday evening kicked off with a traditional Mexican wedding, champagne, and lots of cake. Sunday was spent at my aunt Dalia's house and us ladies spent the day playing board games (my aunt is the queen of games!), while the guys watched football, took naps, and read the paper. We had baked lasagna, french bread, and salad for dinner. Ice cream sundaes for dessert. 

Are you noticing an extreme change in caloric intake? That's what we do during Christmas. The scale takes a holiday as well.

This morning we had a DELICIOUS Mexican breakfast: homemade tortillas (I die), papas, beans, carne, and huevos. Mmmmmmmmmmm! Oh yes, and a pot of coffee with extra International Delight Vanilla creamer.

Whew! Then of course, we continued our holiday excursion with a trip to Fredricksburg, a historical South Texas German town famous for not only it's history, but bier gartens and sausage. 

I had 3 links of different kinds of bratwurst, sauerkraut, mashed taters, and red cabbage, all washed down with 2 pints of pale ale. Amazing.

Oh, and dessert today was homemade chocolate from one of the town's lovely little chocolate shops. To make up for my palate, I swam over 40 laps in the heated pool at the hotel. Then I soaked in the hot tub. So hopefully that will help my body tomorrow when we climb the Enchanted Rock. Yay, hiking! Looking forward to some more exercise and an opportunity to take some great photos. Here's a few photos from our trip so far.

More photos to come! We have another full day here in Fredricksburg and then it's home...  home, home, home again <3

Merry Christmas everyone!

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